WEH® Service Connector TW110 H₂ for discharging of fuel tanks of H2 vehicles


WEH® Service connector for discharging hydrogen tanks

Vehicles running on hydrogen have to be serviced and checked regularly. To achieve this, it is necessary to discharge all pressure vessels resp. fuel tanks. The WEH® TW110 H2 Service Connector has been designed for this specific purpose.
The WEH® TW110 Service Nozzle needs only to be placed onto the service receptacle and discharging can commence. After discharging, disconnect the service nozzle.

The Service receptacle TNS10 H2 is mounted on the underside of the H2 vehicle and provides simple discharging of the fuel tank.The included protection cap protects the service receptacle from dirt and damage whilst not in use.

Pressure range
PN = 16 bar | PS = 20 bar
Temperature range
-40 °C up to +85 °C
Media inlet B1
G1/4" female thread
Corrosion resistant stainless steel
Sealing material
Hydrogen compatible
With integrated shut-off valve
Part no.
Marketing Features
Integrated shut-off valve,Reduces chatter during discharging,Sealing-friendly design

Service connector for discharging hydrogen. Operation only by specially trained service personnel. Not for self-service operation!

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