WEH® Connector TW01 for testing of internal straight tubes and bores, pneumatic actuation, vacuum up to max. 9 bar - Product family

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The WEH® TW01 Quick Connector is the perfect tool for pressure and vacuum testing as well as for pressure decay, underwater and helium testing. The Connector reliably and quickly seals bores, internal tubes and internally threaded components, and can also be used for flushing and filling.

The pneumatic actuation makes the coupling the ideal choice for quality testing during production and automation of test procedures, thus increasing productivity.

Only plug the connector into the test piece, apply pilote pressure and the pressure-tight connection is established - in just seconds without tedious hand-tightening. The easy handling creates significant time and cost saving.

As a standard the WEH® TW01 quick coupler is equipped with a stroke limitation and with an additional front seal for connection to female threads. The elastic front seal compresses into the test piece, compensating for possible tolerances in a component‘s size and reliably seals out of round and rough surfaces. The connector only clamps itself firmly over the sealing rubber of the test piece, but does not have any retaining function. Therefore a fixture must be used.

Special versions, e.g. twin connectors for sealing ports in close proximity to each other are available on request. Shaft extensions or shortenings for TW01 Connectors complement the product family.

Max. allowable operating pressure PS
Vacuum up to 9 bar (130 psi)
Pilot pressure
Body size 01: 6 - 9 bar compressed air
Body size 1 - 8: 6 - 12 bar compressed air
Temperature range
+5 °C up to +80 °C
Leak rate
1 x 10-3 mbar x l/s
Pneumatic actuation
Housing, piston and spacer: Aluminium
Sealing material
Main seal chloroprene / o-rings NBR
Urethane seals for high-wear applications are optional
Marketing Features
Automation possible,Increased productivity & Cost reductions,Connection in seconds,Ergonomic design,High-grade materials,No hand tightening required,Sealing irregular or rough surfaces,Simple seal replacement,Stroke limiter

Quick coupler for pressure testing / vacuum testing / pressure decay testing / helium testing / leak testing / filling / flushing / underwater testing of straight tubes and bores for the following standard sizes:

  • Straight tube | Sealing range internal tube Ø 7.7 mm up to 76.0 mm

The TW01 Connector is suitable for automated leak testing of vessels, valves, plastic vessels, pumps, medical components, filter, pressure vessels, tube connections and rubber hoses. Other applications are:

  • Leck test benches
  • Pick & place applications in automation technique / automated systems

The quick connector is also used in e-mobility for leak tests of inverters (direct current to alternating current), cooling circuits of electric motors and hybrid motors as well as aluminium boxes with lithium-ion batteries.

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