WEH® Breakaway Coupling TSA5 CNG - Product family

for bus and truck fueling stations for direct installation, 200 bar / 250 bar 

The TSA5 CNG breakaway coupling offers additional safety for your bus and truck fueling station. The breakaway is installed between the dispenser and the filling/venting hose.

In the event of accidental deployment, e.g. driving a vehicle from the dispenser with the nozzle remaining in the vehicle fuel port, the coupling will separate the connections between dispenser and hose sealing both ends. This protects largely the receptacle, the fueling nozzle and the dispenser against damage. The detached coupling can be easily reattached and placed back in service after having been function tested.

The breakaway device consists of a coupling body, a receptacle insert and a gas recirculation with check valve. The breakaway is also available without gas recirculation.

We recommend to use breakaways with integrated filter. The filter provides clean natural gas and is easy to maintain. Of course we also offer breakaway couplings without filter.

We also offer complete hose assemblies consisting of a fueling nozzle, a hose set and a breakaway coupling (for complete hose assemblies see respective fueling nozzle).

Nominal bore (DN)
12 mm
Pressure range
PN = 200 bar (3,000 psi) | PS = 300 bar
PN = 250 bar (3,600 psi) | PS = 350 bar
Temperature range
-40 °C up to +85 °C
Corrosion resistant stainless steel, aluminium
Sealing material
Natural gas compatible
With gas recirculation and filter (40 μm)
Marketing Features
Check valve at venting line,Installation at the dispenser,Integrated cleanable filter (40 μm),No additional tool necessary,Reusable without factory servicing,Small compact design

Breakaway coupling for CNG bus and truck fueling stations for installation between the dispenser and the filling/venting hose.

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