WEH® Adaptor Nozzle TW04 CNG with Italian standard (G1/2 male thread) to fueling nozzle acc. to NGV1 / ISO 14469, with integrated shut-off vale


Adaptor Nozzle TW04 CNG for cars - Italian standard to NGV1

The NGV1 standard is not yet in use in filling stations and vehicles in all countries.
To allow refueling between the NGV1 standard and other country-specific standards, WEH offers a range of adaptor nozzles.
To refuel vehicles with the Italian standard (with male thread) at filling stations with the NGV1 standard / ISO 14469, WEH has developed the TW04 CNG adaptor nozzle.

The adaptor nozzle is screwed straight onto the Italian-standard receptacle with male thread. The pressure-tight connection is established.
The vehicle can now be refuelled with a fueling nozzle that meets the NGV1 standard by connecting it to the TW04 CNG adaptor nozzle.

Pressure range
P30 acc. to ANSI NGV1 / B200 acc. to ISO 14469
PN = 200 bar (3,000 psi) | PS = 300 bar
Temperature range
-40 °C up to +85 °C
Media inlet B1
P30 acc. to ANSI NGV1 / B200 acc. to ISO 14469
Corrosion resistant
Sealing material
Natural gas compatible
Part no.
Marketing Features
Compact design,High-grade materials,New Italian standard (Car) - NGV1 (Fueling station),Push-Pull actuation

Adaptor nozzle for refueling a car having a receptacle profile acc. to Italian standard (G1/2“ male thread) with a fueling nozzle acc. to NGV1 standard / ISO 14469. Only suitable for self service after reading operating instructions!

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