WEH® Check Valve TVR2 Gas, inert/flammable gases, max. 420 bar

Check valve for use with inert gases and for mounting into gas mixing plants

The WEH® TVR2 gas check valves were developed specifically as non-return protection for the installation in systems, pipelines and extraction points for gaseous media.
They offer reliable protection against return gas flow and the formation of hazardous gas mixtures.

Check valves are used wherever a medium should flow in only one direction through a line and the reverse direction must be safely shut off.

The seals will not be damaged by the medium, as the valve seals are fitted outside the area of flow. The check valves therefore not only guarantee optimal sealing and minimal leakage, they also have a very long service life and are highly robust.

The minimal cracking pressure of the check valves ensures particularly low-noise operation even at high throughput rates.

The check valves comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU and are also available complete with relevant seals for use with oxygen.

Nominal bore (DN)
12 mm
Max. allowable operating pressure PS
420 bar (6,090 psi)
Temperature range
+5 °C up to +95 °C
inert gases
Housing of brass, inner parts of stainless steel
Spring material
Stainless spring steel
Sealing material
Housing seal of EPDM
Sealing concept
Cone sealing with PEEK
Media inlet B1
UNF 1 3/8"-12* male thread, SAE J514
Media outlet B2
UNF 1 3/8"-12* male thread, SAE J514
Part no.
Marketing Features
High leak tightness,Robust construction,Simple installation,Very low noise when in use due to the optimised internal gas flow,Wear and corrosion resistant
Check valve for use with inert gases and for mounting into gas mixing plants. Also suitable for vacuum applications.
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