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Standardization of the WEH® Check Valve range

As a leading manufacturer of components for fluid handling, WEH offers an extensive range of high-performance check valves.
Now this extensive product range is being standardized.


A Gyorscsatlakozók.hu Kft bemutatta a WEH Hidrogén töltőpisztoly rendszert a Balaton Boat Show-n

2020. szeptember 4-6 között került megrendezésre Balatonkenesén a Balaton Boat Show, ahol a Gyorscsatlakozók.hu Kft, a WEH GmbH kizárólagos magyarországi képviselete bemutatta a WEH átfogó hidrogén töltőrendszerét.


WEH® Automotive Components displayed at Automotive Testing Expo India for the first time

WEH introduced its unique connection solutions at Automotive Testing Expo from 10th to 12th January 2018 in Chennai.


The world’s first hydrogen train equipped with WEH® H2 Receptacles

The world's first hydrogen powered train for regional transport was presented at Inno-Trans 2016 in Berlin in September.


Testing large tube diameters in seconds

Leak testing of straight tubes with a large tube diameter constitutes a particular challenge. Finding the right test connector ensuring a quick & easy leak-tight seal is not easy.

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