CNG Components for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)

OEMs first choice - Built to last

Famous automotive manufacturers all around the world rely on WEH Products onboard CNG vehicles offering superior quality and maximum reliablilty.

WEH Receptacles for cars, buses, trucks and other light duty and heavy-duty vehicles offer:

  • Increased longevity
  • Superior flow characteristics – short filling times
  • Compatible for CNG nozzles acc. to ISO 14469 / ANSI NGV1
  • Low-noise refueling
  • 200 bar (3,000 psi) / 250 bar (3,600 psi) pressure range
  • Low maintenance and down-time
You can choose between a large choice of connection possibilities – bulkhead fitting, straight female thread, ACME thread, UNF or NPT.

CNG filters for protection of the downstream CNG components round up the product line and reduce downtime for the end user. The filter inserts can be easily cleaned.

All CNG Vehicle products have been extensively tested.

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WEH offers components for alternative fuelling applications (CNG vehicles):
- High-flow filling receptacles
- Receptacles for CNG refuelling of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles
- Pressure ratings: B200 (200 bar / 3,000 psi) acc. to ISO 14469-1 / P30 acc. to ANSI NGV1; B250 (250 bar / 3,600 psi) acc. to ISO 14469-3 / P36 acc. to ANSI NGV1

Designed for a vehicle’s life time, all WEH CNG receptacles are very silent in use due to the internal aerodynamic design and also durable, minimizing maintenance and down-time.

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