WEH® Receptacle TN1 H₂ High-Flow - Product family

for refueling of buses and trucks

The WEH® TN1 H₂ Receptacle with double ferrule fitting was developed to be used with the WEH® TK16 H₂ High-Flow Fueling Nozzle, enabling to refuel buses and trucks from now on at cars fueling stations.

Refueling with a higher speed occurs either with a TK16 H₂ Fueling Nozzle or with a TK16 H₂ High-Flow Fueling Nozzle. Due to the internal aerodynamic design the receptacle gives low noise (no high frequency whistle) combined with maximum flow rate and fast filling. The receptacle is a very durable unit, minimizing maintenance and down-time.

The WEH® TN1 H₂ High-Flow Receptacle has an integrated check valve system which is designed to minimize the effect that dirt particles have on the sealing components within the receptacle. The TN1 H₂ High-Flow is also equipped with a coding for pressure range and gas type.

Pressure range
PN = 35 MPa | PS = 45 MPa
Temperature range
-40 °C up to +85 °C
Corrosion resistant
Sealing material
Hydrogen compatible
With protection cap, integrated particle filter (40 μm), integrated check valve and fittings (only for receptacles with tube fitting)
Conformity / Tests / Approvals
e1 00 0003 (Regulation (EC) No. 79/2009)
Tests acc. to SAE J2600:2002
Marketing Features
Coding for pressure range / gas type,Integrated high-flow check valve,Integrated self-cleaning particle filter (40 μm),Low-noise refueling,Sealing-friendly design

High-Flow receptacle with double ferrule fitting for refueling of buses and trucks with hydrogen.

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