CLICKMATE® Connector TW154 for Breathing Air (BA) filling rigs - Product family

Operating Pressure PS
Loop No
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CLICKMATE® TW154 filling connector is designed for filling breathing air cylinders. Existing filling rigs equipped with screw connectors can be upgraded without problems.

The CLICKMATE® TW154 uses the split collet thread design that locks securely into standard threads of cylinder valves. Connection is made by lowering the actuation loop through 90° which locks the split collet jaws into the cylinder valve and actuates the sealing piston. An integrated safety mechanism prevents disconnection under pressure.

CLICKMATE® TW154 is available, among others, for breathing air cylinders with a nominal operating pressure of 200 bar resp. 300 bar. For differentiation, the connector for 200 bar is equipped with a black locking lever and the connector for 300 bar with a red locking lever.

The quick connector is equipped with a NBR front seal and inner seals of FKM. Other sealing materials are available on request. It is the customer‘s responsibility to clarify the media compatibility.

All connector are subjected to extensive pressure and durability tests prior to their introduction to the product range.

Max. allowable operating pressure PS
250 bar (3,600 psi)
375 bar (5,440 psi)
Temperature range
+5 °C up to +70 °C
Breathing air (compressed air)
Connection A
Standard connection for G5/8“ female thread
(DIN 477/ DIN EN ISO 12209)
Media inlet B1
Depending on connection at the filling rig
Manual actuation via operating loop (loop depending on cylinder valve type)
Corrosion resistant stainless steel and brass
Sealing material
Front seal: NBR
Inner seals: FKM
Marketing Features
Connection directly to the standard cylinder valve thread,Filling of breathing air cylinders becomes even easier and more efficient,Improves operational safety and ergonomics,Quick connection in seconds without hand tightening

Quick connector for filling of BA cylinders in fire brigade BA filling installations for direct connection to existing filling rigs that have balancers to equalize weight and height.

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